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Advice for Parents – Helping your child find a job Blog

By April 18, 2016 career No Comments

As a parent, you know the trials & tribulations that come with finding a job.  When it comes to your children, being sure they have support or that they are on the right track in life is important.

This blog will outline the process of helping your child find a job.

Where to begin

A person’s resume is important.  When creating the resume, be sure to include any relevant details.  Things like work experience & education should be included, awards, after school activities, sporting teams or social groups they are or have been members of.

The references on their resume must current, contactable & must not be family.  A few good references can be found in teachers, mentors, volunteer leaders, previous managers or sport coaches.

Additionally, adding a cover letter covering the basics of your child’s values, interest & skills is a good way to get noticed.When applying for jobs, try to have your child change their cover letter to address the skills required for each job.

The job hunt

Finding jobs online is a good place to start.  Online job search engines have changed the way people find work with sites includingseek.com.au, au.indeed.com or careerone.com.au offering a simple interface and thousands of vacant positions.

Another way to stand out is by helping your child find different companies recruitment emails.  Most sites offer an employment, recruitment or contact email address.  When you have the email, be sure your child sends them a copy of their resume & cover letter.

Some simply networking can also help your child in the job hunt.  Have them contact family members, family friends or contacts of friends and be sure they give them a copy of their resume & cover letter.

Finally, encourage your child to take their resume&cover letter into local business and stores.  This shows confidence, ensures the potential employer actually receives and takes notice of your resume & cover letter and helps portray a positive image.

Securing the job

If your child’s resume & cover letter and job hunting process are successful, then they’ll likely be invited to an interview.To help your child be prepared for the interview, have them rehearse some common interview questions (which can simply be found online).  You should also run through a practice interview with your child and be sure to offer constructive criticism.

Remind your child not to be nervous and to be themselves.  They might be surprised when their fantastic, standout & unique personality is what gets them the job.

If you stick to this simply blog, your child should have a job in no time.

Glenn Tarawa, December 2015

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