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Attitude and Skills – Tips from a 15 year old blog

By March 17, 2016 career No Comments

To successfully enter the workforce, you’ll be expected to demonstrate that you understand the basic skills and the right attitude to successfully enter the workforce.  This blog will explain the attitude and skills that you’ll need to successfully enter the workforce, according to a 15 year old.


When entering the workforce, you’ll need to have the right attitude.  Particularly you’ll need to be open minded and more importantly prepared to learn.  The necessity of being prepared to learn is important.  When someone gives you a task, you should see the task as both a challenge and a learning experience.

Being happy & friendly is also important.  People tend to avoid or feel discomfort when dealing with someone who is rude, unfriendly or negative.  It’s important that when you are in the workplace, that you stay positive and take on every challenge with a smile. If you are happy & friendly then this will help you adapt to environments or tasks where you’ll be partnered up or in a team.

Finally avoid letting your personal preferences or point of view from affecting your judgement – try to see things from a professional prospective.


As a worker, you’ll need to have or develop a few key skills.

Teamwork and leadership skills are vital to the success of yourself, your team, your co-workers & more importantly the organisation that you represent.  There will be times when you’ll need to step up and be a leader, so be prepared.  Be confident, be polite, be trustworthy and use initiative.

Another skill that will be expected of you is persistence.  When you don’t know what to do or when you’re trying to sell something, you’ll be expected to use persistence and follow things up.

Communication is a major skill you’ll need to develop in the workforce.  Essentially communication is the key component to the success of a business.  If you remove communication skills from a business, then you limit the way that messages, ideas & notes are sent and you put a barrier between yourself and your customer, alienating customers from your business.

The communication skills you’ll need are verbal communication, listening skills & non-verbal communication.


What not to do in the workplace

When entering the workforce, you’ll be expected to be friendly, happy and positive.  Don’t be rude to workers, customers or employer.

Don’t complain or moan when your given a task, no matter how difficult the task, you should be prepared for the challenge.

Avoid creating arguments where possible, just because you think something should be a certain way, as it doesn’t mean everyone else will share that point of view.

Finally, don’t slack off! If you find that you have nothing to do, find something to do or ask someone for extra work.

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