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Call out for Real World Problems & new workshops

Hi there

I hope you enjoyed your summer break and are motivated for the year ahead!

No doubt as you get back into work the challenges you face in 2018 are starting to emerge. You may be looking to solve these in a completely different way to what you have in the past and if that is the case I have some great news to share.

Before we get into the good news we would just like to recognise the awesome work that went into the Mission Australia Youth Survey for 2017.

One finding that hit a chord with many of us was – almost 60% of young people aged 15-19 year old who participated in the survey are feeling only somewhat, slightly or not at all confident about achieving their work or study goals. It is important to explore how we can build confidence and capability giving young people the tools to be able to achieve their goals in regards to work or study.

Call out for Real World Problems

Getting back to solving the problems you face in 2018, watching the video above you’ll get a sense of what it is all about. People from all over Australia, as well as countries including Uganda, the USA and Greece preregistered their interest to be notified when the new Real World Problems online platform launches and we are now at the next stage.

You can get help solving your problems and enable educators to create fantastic, authentic and engaging opportunities for learning.

You can pose your #realworldproblem on a simple, online platform that connects teachers and students from primary and high schools, Vocational Education and Training/TVET or Higher Education institutions to business, community and industry real world problems. Subscribers will also have access to a #futurejobs channel tracking announcements, developments, events, research and opportunities.

Right now the search is on for real world problems for students to tackle drawn from across Australia and the world enabling learning by doing and providing you value by posing the problems you want answers to.

The next video explains more about how it works and what you need to do to pose your problems.

How to pose your Real World Problems

One of the things that has come up on the Real Day Out or thinking about this new platform is the question, well what sort of problems could I pose?

If you’d like to see an example, please watch the video that Wendy made related to a workforce project completed last last year:

Watch an example Real World Problem video it’s easy to do and just record on your smart device – here is a short guide on developing your Real World Problems.

In light of the Mission Australia Youth Survey for 2017 we have revisited our confidence and capability building workshops. Australia wide we can be run them at your employment agency, school or youth organisation. Topics include:

–        A day in the life of a young entrepreneur

–        Social media skills for improving employability

–        What employers want

–        Future careers, jobs and 21st Century skills

–        Interview for success

–        How to get work experience

–        Network and build connections like a pro

–        How to get your first job or apprenticeship

All workshops can be presented in a 45 minute version or a 1.5 hour

version. Book before 31st January 2018 to receive discounted summer rates of 45 minute session – $110 inc GST or 90 minute session – $220 inc GST. Download information on the workshops here and please get in touch to discuss your specific needs.

Future Jobs – Agtech, Gaming & Skills Transferability

The Future of AgTech Jobs New and emerging job roles are evolving out of the convergence of agricultural practices and technology in global market places and supply chains. For example, Business Improvement and Transformation Practitioners can bring new ideas into the business including ag and food tech developments. Read more here>

The industry that’s more than just fun & games Adelaide will continue to shake off its conservative label with the announcement of a new digital games development hub to launch in the city. The initiative is expected to create up to 500 jobs, leveraging the fast-growing industry. And the State Government is to be thanked, contributing a $2 million grant. Read more here>

Is it possible to transfer skills from auto to health & community services?Can blue collar workers can bring a unique set of skills to hot ‘pink-collared’ industries, such as nurses, personal carers, social workers, and teachers? Read more here>

VET Alumni

Over 140 of Australia’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) Alumni, gathered in Canberra for the inaugural Australian VET Alumni Information Workshop in November 2017 to enhance their roles as ambassadors and advocates for VET and Australian Apprenticeships.

The workshop was a great experience and provided the us with the opportunity to learn more about the direction and key messages of the Australian Government’s real skills for real careers initiative as well as hear each other’s own inspirational stories, gain media and presentation skills and workshop ideas to build an even stronger VET Alumni program. Thank you for the opportunity to participate.

PS. If you are looking for a speaker or MC at an event on careers, entrepreneurship, future jobs or youth leadership then please feel free to send me an email.

Kind regards

Jessica Perry, Executive Director, Career BluePrint

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