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Invitation to pose challenges for the #RealDayOut 2017

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You are invited to pose challenges and hosts stops for the Real Day Out where the future workforce, high school students from the Australian Science and Mathematics School (ASMS), will solve real world problems.

We wish we had something like the Real Day Out when we were at school!

What’s in it for you and the students?

Watch this video to hear about the gems that students uncovered for world leading companies like FCT Flames, who make torches for the Olympic Games, fire and water (impossible) effects, for opening ceremonies and events. Read More

The hottest jobs in 2017

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In 2017, it’s not all doom and gloom with job cuts and robots taking over, however the quick pace of change through technology now demands the sharpest minds.

There are industries where science, tech and maths is needed, that are booming.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) jobs are growing faster than the economy.  Computer analysts, web developers, software developers, network and computer systems administrators are needed more than ever before.

Industrial engineers, specialised managers in regional locations, medical and health services managers, and registered nurses are also hot on the heels this year. Read More

21st Century Capabilities to prepare for the future workforce

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Work is no longer about stability.  Youth of today change jobs regularly, building their experience and career resilience.

Capabilities for the 21st Century

We’re in at the beginning of a growing global movement, which focuses on capabilities, rather than skills. It’s important to be aware of new capabilities, so you can prepare for success in a quick-changing, digital world. You need to be able to think analytically and creatively, solve complex problems and find solutions, work in teams and independently.  And there is much debate about skills and capabilities for the 21st Century. Read More

Are Career Expos dead?

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Maybe not dead but they can be dead boring.

Bland stands lined up with the obligatory banner, papers piled high that are only discarded later- surely this is a thing of the past?

So what is the alternative?

Firstly the stand needs to look attractive and appeal to your target cohort.  For Career BluePrint this means a cross between pop up event, a favourite coffee stop and/or hang out space.  With a theme and/or colour palette that connects accessories such as signs with sayings, chalk boards, a table cloth, flags, pot plants, furnishings, music and items that make sense like a globe and wooden people.

Next, any display space needs to make sense, for example information on 21st Century Capabilities, Career Trucks and future job roles.  Social media should be prominent with accounts and hashtags on display for selfies, pics and videos.

Draw interest and people in with mints (fresh breath is a must for meeting people), a vision board where you can post your goals and/or future job, and a competition that is relevant.  Here Career BluePrint asks, what is the job role that will provide you with most career resilience, and offers a prize from Gorilla Pizza.

Now to make your stand have a point of difference and for Career BluePrint this is achieved by having relevant images (Sophia the robot, IBM Watson, Gary Vee) with Augmented Reality triggered videos as this demonstrates exactly what you are saying about technology and jobs of the future.  You can use your smart phone or ipad to demonstrate and it is an excellent talking point especially with parents.

As your takeaway here are 5 key points in summary:

  1. Think of how you can have activities on your stand that demonstrate your careers, courses, industry sectors and opportunities and make them practical and immersive.
  2. Use technology so you integrate the digital and physical world with social media postings, signs, your competition, videos and/or activities.
  3. Consider how an activity like a treasure hunt might work but with activities at each stop and a social media post required.
  4. Make your stand look anything but boring, instead appealing and interesting with things happening.
  5. Match who is on the stand with your target cohorts like young people, parents, teachers or principals, entrepreneurs and/or business people.

If you would like assistance with you stand to really make a difference and your careers or course promotions strategy overall, please contact Jessica Perry via jessica@careerblueprint.com.au or call 0433 574 253, thank you

P.S Jobs expos seems more the thing but this takes some organising and focuses on workforce attraction and recruitment.

July 2016

Advice for Parents – Helping your child find a job Blog

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As a parent, you know the trials & tribulations that come with finding a job.  When it comes to your children, being sure they have support or that they are on the right track in life is important.

This blog will outline the process of helping your child find a job.

Where to begin

A person’s resume is important.  When creating the resume, be sure to include any relevant details.  Things like work experience & education should be included, awards, after school activities, sporting teams or social groups they are or have been members of.

The references on their resume must current, contactable & must not be family.  A few good references can be found in teachers, mentors, volunteer leaders, previous managers or sport coaches.

Additionally, adding a cover letter covering the basics of your child’s values, interest & skills is a good way to get noticed.When applying for jobs, try to have your child change their cover letter to address the skills required for each job. Read More

Attitude and Skills – Tips from a 15 year old blog

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To successfully enter the workforce, you’ll be expected to demonstrate that you understand the basic skills and the right attitude to successfully enter the workforce.  This blog will explain the attitude and skills that you’ll need to successfully enter the workforce, according to a 15 year old.


When entering the workforce, you’ll need to have the right attitude.  Particularly you’ll need to be open minded and more importantly prepared to learn.  The necessity of being prepared to learn is important.  When someone gives you a task, you should see the task as both a challenge and a learning experience.

Being happy & friendly is also important.  People tend to avoid or feel discomfort when dealing with someone who is rude, unfriendly or negative.  It’s important that when you are in the workplace, that you stay positive and take on every challenge with a smile. If you are happy & friendly then this will help you adapt to environments or tasks where you’ll be partnered up or in a team.

Finally avoid letting your personal preferences or point of view from affecting your judgement – try to see things from a professional prospective. Read More

Attitude and Skills – Tips from a 19 Year Old

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You could argue that different age demographics have different perspectives on the expected attitude and skills that are to be used in the workplace.  This blog, written from the perspective of a 19 year old, will cover the attitude and skills that are expected in the workplace.


When starting a new job, most focus on learning and developing their skills.  While this is important, they don’t focus enough on developing the right attitude.  I’ve spent just over a year in the workforce, and can say that I’ve spent much time developing the right attitude.

Being positive is important because when you have a good mind set, the results show.This means that you find the joy in a task or in a situation.Be eager, alert, and ready to do any task with a smile & a happy attitude.

Don’t be bias; it’s important that your experiences don’t dictate the way you answer questions, communicate with others or work on tasks.  Having passion for the work you do is encouraging and exactly what you need to get through stressful or difficult times in your work-life.  I’ve also found during my first year in the workplace, that developing relations with your co-workers is important when trying to get through difficult days.

Being comfortable, honest & professional with co-workers is important, as this makes for a great team. Read More

Finding jobs to suit your lifestyle

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To realise your dreamcareer, you’ll need to consider your lifestyle.  Who wouldn’t love being able to make money out of their favourite pastime?  Or perhaps making a career that gives you plenty of time to spend with your family is your dream career?

Unfortunately many of us find ourselves working in jobs where we feel unfulfilled or our lifestyles are often compromised.Finding a job that suits your lifestyle isn’t as hard as you may think if you have the right knowledge.

This blog will explainhow you can find the perfect career that meets your lifestyle needs & wants.

Your lifestyle

A person’s lifestyle is the way they live.  For some people a career that meets the passions in their lifestyle may be important, for others a career that suits their personal life & requirements is what they might want.

Your lifestyle may revolve around surfing & living by the beach, you might enjoy waking up early to go down to the beach and go for surf before the day begins.

For others, your lifestyle may revolve around your children and home life – being parent, your first priority will be your children, and seeing that they are healthy & happy everyday of their lives. Read More

Planning Opens Doors for Teens

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As a teenager you may have many things on your mind, like owning the latest smartphone, caring for a family member or keeping on top of your studies.  Something that many teenagers don’t consider as important can have a huge impact on their life, and that’s career planning.

As a teenager, planning your career path early will set you apart from your peers, and will be the driving force behind excelling in the workforce.

Understanding your career path& the importance of planning

Have you ever thought about the lessons that you excel at, the hobbies that you absolutely love or the causes that you feel strongly for?  Now have you ever thought about what careers you could make at of that interest or passion?

For instance, if you excel in business studies, are a natural born leader & have an interest in the market, then perhaps the dream job for you is entrepreneur or business manager.

As a teenager in today’s fast pace, highly competitive workforce, it’s becoming more and more important to consider the education and training that you’ll need to get into your dream career.

A good tip is creating a career study plan before leaving high school.  Discuss with your career counsellor or any other adult with knowledge regarding a particular career what education you should have for getting into your dream career.  Alternatively you could read up online on what education you might need to get into your career. Read More