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Work-Life Balance

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For a lot of people, balancing their work life with their personal life can be difficult.  And when you factor in things like having young children, overdue bills or family dynamics, your work-life can sometimes become daunting or overwhelming.If you don’t learn to balance your work life with your personal life, you may find yourself feeling moody, depressed, stressed & behind in your work.

This blog will answer the question – how can a person successfully balance their work life with their personal life?

Understanding your commitments

Balancing the responsibilities of a job with your personal life isn’t easy, but when you understand your commitments & demands, and assess your priorities, you’ll begin to create an idea of what is important and isn’t necessarily important.

For instance when your wake up in the morning, create some goals for yourself like ”I’m going to exercise for an extra half an hour today”, “I’m going to have some relaxation time & watch XYZ tonight” or “I’m going to finish that report for XYZ by lunch”.  All good ways of setting priorities and putting things in perspective.

Separating work and personal time

It’s important that you create those boundaries between work and personal time.  Once you’ve left the office or workplace at the end of the day, so should the stress & responsibilities of your work life.  Practice adjusting your mindset at the end of the work day by clearing your mind of your work life.  Adversely, it’s also important that when you’ve entered the workplace, you clear your mind of your personal responsibilities. Read More

Career Advice for Teens

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Finding a job as a teenager may seem simple.  The formula that most of us are taught is create a resume, maybe add a cover letter, walk into the local shopping centre and drop off your resume.  However, most teens don’t realise the difference between a job & a career.

This blog will outline some key pieces of advice for teens to help them get to the career of their dreams.

Career Decisions

Deciding what career you want early is important, understanding what job role or industry you want to enter will ensure that you start your education, studying or training on the right track.

Do you have special quality, interest or hobby that you excel in?  Perhaps there is a job that’s always appealed to you?

A good way to start your career is to understand what makes you happy, what skills you have, what skills you want and what you’d like to study, so that you can understand your preferred options. Read More

7 tips to become a Networking Pro

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There’s so much buzz about networking that you may think it’s overrated.  But there are two important things about business networking.

Firstly, networking is nothing new and secondly 21st century business networking is that it’s only as good as you make it.

Business networking is equal parts Art and Science – and it gets much easier with practice.

Social network interface businessman touch button.

So I want to share these 7 tips with you about how to network successfully:

  1. Set networking goals

Think about what the point is?  Who do you want to meet and what can you give?  Because if you know who to target and have clarity around the value you can provide it can help you start to achieve your vision much quicker!  If this is something you are having trouble with check out this video on how to get clarity around you vision, just click here.

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Who are the employers of choice in Tasmania?

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The employer of choice awards is a ceremony honouring workplaces that demonstrate outstanding contemporary workplace practices and support for their staff. Annually the awards are presented to businesses that demonstrate these values.

The 2015 Employer of Choice Awards were held this year in Sandy Bay, thanks to Skills Tasmania I was given the opportunity to attend these awards, mingle with nominated businesses & get a clear outstanding of what makes an outstanding workplace.

Best Employer placard isolated on white

What is an employer of choice?

To be considered an employer of choice, your workplace should demonstrate all the values mentioned above along with having a reputation within the staff of being a great place to work.

All Tasmanian organisations are able to be considered to receive this award regardless of the size of their organisation.

An organisation that is nominated will be able to use the employer of choice logo in any advert, recruitment or promotional material. As well as having the distinction of being officially recognised as an organisation that values its workplace.

To date Tasmania has recognised 56 Employers of Choice which collectively employ more than 11,000 people. –


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