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The hottest jobs in 2017

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In 2017, it’s not all doom and gloom with job cuts and robots taking over, however the quick pace of change through technology now demands the sharpest minds.

There are industries where science, tech and maths is needed, that are booming.

Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) jobs are growing faster than the economy.  Computer analysts, web developers, software developers, network and computer systems administrators are needed more than ever before.

Industrial engineers, specialised managers in regional locations, medical and health services managers, and registered nurses are also hot on the heels this year. Read More

21st Century Capabilities to prepare for the future workforce

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Work is no longer about stability.  Youth of today change jobs regularly, building their experience and career resilience.

Capabilities for the 21st Century

We’re in at the beginning of a growing global movement, which focuses on capabilities, rather than skills. It’s important to be aware of new capabilities, so you can prepare for success in a quick-changing, digital world. You need to be able to think analytically and creatively, solve complex problems and find solutions, work in teams and independently.  And there is much debate about skills and capabilities for the 21st Century. Read More

Why Youth Entrepreneurship is important

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A recent team member experience on the eve of SXSW in Austin, Texas at a round table discussion on impact innovation with the Premier of South Australia, Jay Weatherill, local business leaders, colleagues from Tech Ranch and the New Venture Institute, Flinders University highlighted the importance of building an entrepreneurial mindset.

This opportunity to exchange experiences between Adelaide and sister city Austin meant that alongside a very warm welcome, there was a sense of common purpose particularly thinking about entrepreneurship to solve big environmental and social challenges.

For example, South Australia has begun a search for solutions for South Australia’s Low Carbon Entrepreneur Prize.  Adelaide will become the world’s first carbon neutral city, looking for ideas to reduce carbon emissions in energy, transport, waste and livability.  This goal also aligns with the smart city or smart community approach.

Austin has a thriving local startup and business community plus hosting an unbelievable event like SXSW every year means their networks, connections and leadership is world leading.IMG_9029

Some of you may perceive entrepreneurship in a different light, perhaps images of the Wolf of Wall Street, pure profit making and seeing young people become survival entrepreneurs is your current frame of reference.

But here was are talking about entrepreneurship applied in a business, community, environmental and social sense. Read More

7 tips to become a Networking Pro

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There’s so much buzz about networking that you may think it’s overrated.  But there are two important things about business networking.

Firstly, networking is nothing new and secondly 21st century business networking is that it’s only as good as you make it.

Business networking is equal parts Art and Science – and it gets much easier with practice.

Social network interface businessman touch button.

So I want to share these 7 tips with you about how to network successfully:

  1. Set networking goals

Think about what the point is?  Who do you want to meet and what can you give?  Because if you know who to target and have clarity around the value you can provide it can help you start to achieve your vision much quicker!  If this is something you are having trouble with check out this video on how to get clarity around you vision, just click here.

Read More

Who are the employers of choice in Tasmania?

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The employer of choice awards is a ceremony honouring workplaces that demonstrate outstanding contemporary workplace practices and support for their staff. Annually the awards are presented to businesses that demonstrate these values.

The 2015 Employer of Choice Awards were held this year in Sandy Bay, thanks to Skills Tasmania I was given the opportunity to attend these awards, mingle with nominated businesses & get a clear outstanding of what makes an outstanding workplace.

Best Employer placard isolated on white

What is an employer of choice?

To be considered an employer of choice, your workplace should demonstrate all the values mentioned above along with having a reputation within the staff of being a great place to work.

All Tasmanian organisations are able to be considered to receive this award regardless of the size of their organisation.

An organisation that is nominated will be able to use the employer of choice logo in any advert, recruitment or promotional material. As well as having the distinction of being officially recognised as an organisation that values its workplace.

To date Tasmania has recognised 56 Employers of Choice which collectively employ more than 11,000 people. –


  Read More

Young Entrepreneur Opportunities at Hub Adelaide

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hub adelaide coworking

Finding out about the Spark Program via the Hub Australia e-News after attending a lot of Hub Adelaide events at the beginning of the year was very exciting.  I booked into the information session as soon as I saw the email, it was something that couldn’t be turned down.  And after attending the information session about the program there was no doubt I was going to apply!

I was glad when Hub Adelaide made the application process for the Spark Program very easy and not too time consuming.  As I was already operating my business and was quite time poor, this was very suitable to me.

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How the Spark Program has Re-ignited the Spark in me & my Business

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hub cowroking first blog

May 2014 saw the beginning of Hub Adelaide’s young entrepreneurs summer Spark Program.  Four young entrepreneurs between the age of 18 and 24 had been chosen to participate.

Attending a number of Hub events recently receiving the e-news with the Spark program information made applying for it a no brainer.  Looking for new opportunities has become a habit of mine and seeing this one I jumped at the opportunity.  The worst that could happen is I could be told no, even if I this was the case I would’ve gained more interview experience and learnt from my mistakes.  Either way was a win – ‘Why apply?’ you ask, my answer is ‘Why not?’

Have you ever felt that feeling just before you know something good is about to happen? Read More