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Better Business Boot Camp: Two-day YOUTH & BUSINESS Transformation Experience

The Better Business Boot Camp has been designed to achieve practical outcomes and this initiative has been created to:

  1. help young people and job seekers gain credible, real world experience that can be examples for their CV;
  1. introduce young people and job seekers to employers and entrepreneurship extending their networks (potential connections with employers).  This environment will help create a new understanding and uncover the latent value young people can offer local business;
  1. build confidence, teamwork and aspirations for young people and job seekers with hands on demonstration of skills (encourage social participation);
  1. transform local businesses setting them up to grow and employ more people in 2017 and beyond.


The program is transformational with:

  1. Inspirational and informative speakers
  2. Mentors that have expertise in entrepreneurship, startups and/or industry
  3. Opportunity to work intensively using a lean methodology and scale up tools
  4. Outputs that make a huge difference to your clients and team
  5. Recognised leaders that will judge the final pitches and award prizes
  6. Participation with work placements like no other
  7. A competitive environment

Businesses work together with young people, job seekers and mentors to transform any area of the Small to Medium Enterprise (SME).  Young people and job seekers people gain credible, workplace based experience to contribute towards making them highly desirable employees.

And in two days you will achieve what you would usually think would take months!

The Better Business Boot Camp focuses on existing businesses and startups working in the context of growth via world-beating transformation.

Who should participate?

The ideal participants are BUSINESSES looking to make changes and improve their approach rapidly.  They need to be quick decision makers, open to change, ready to share information, all to help teams members work on the BUSINESS.

It is important that all of the decision makers in the BUSINESS are accessible (preferably present) for the duration of program.

From a student or young person’s point of view, anyone that wants a challenge, new connections and the opportunity to demonstrate their skills is welcome to participate.

What happens?

Participating businesses will have to pitch the expertise and experience they need for their business to the potential team members in the room at the start of the event.  Beginning with business pitches on the first morning, SME attendees pitch their businesses current position, hopes and dreams for their business and a little about their flexibility and willingness to change.

When the pitches are over, networking starts and at the end of the session the BUSINESS’s will have a team of up to 10 members.  Over 2 days, teams focus on business and customer development, validating their ideas and rapidly building and improving the business.  On the second day, teams demo all of the changes they propose or have made in the business, and prototypes that have been created and are judged by a panel of experts. The program runs from 9.00 am – 5.00 pm however teams can work together in their own time outside of the official start and finish times.

What does the schedule look like?

Day 1

8.30 am Registration

9.00 am Arrive and coffee

9.15 am Presentation one

9.30 am Business pitches start

10.00 am Teams formed and set up workspace; identify areas to growth hack; inventory of skills and plan for the morning

12.00 pm Lunch

1.00 pm Presenter two – The value of creating a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) & Validation

1.15 pm Specialist mentors arrive

4.30 pm Check in status reports & calls for help

5.00 pm Finished for the day

Day 2

8.30 am Registration starts

9.00 am Arrive and coffee

9.15 am Presentation three – Pitching

9.30 am Transformation

12.00 pm Lunch

1.00 pm Pitch practice with mentors

3.00 pm Prep for participant pitches

3.45 pm Final student pitches

4.15 pm Speaker whilst judging takes place

4.40 pm Top 3 pitches announced & prizes awarded

5.00 pm Networking with business, entrepreneurial ecosystem and industry


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