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Businesses participate in a program where they commit 3 hours once a fortnight for 12 weeks to attend a workshop that provides them with the skills to take their bootstrapping business and put it on a path to boom.  The Bootstrap to Boom program is designed to give participants the skills to rapidly transform their business focusing on 4 key areas.

Business and compliance – If you don’t have a good business model and are not operating in a compliant manner it could all be taken away from you in a flash. The ABC’s of business and compliance provide a framework to make rapid changes.

Advice – Practical advice on business structure and compliance.   Setting milestones for when things have to change so decisions can be made proactively not reactively.

Book keeping – Systems and support to have the evidence that will track this progress with minimum fuss but maximum flexibility.

Coaching – to ensure the process does not stall and get it back on track if it does.

Order and process – Without order and processes you are required to do everything. Order and process is one of the keys to employing people and scaling your business.

Tips and tricks to eliminate manuals and put in place modern systems that set out processes to onboard and train staff quickly and easier than you ever thought possible

Systems to design policies, procedures and workflows that allows your business the flexibility to grow but are rigid enough to minimize risk and deliver a consistent reliable product or service.

Offers and marketing – Human behavior is changing rapidly with technology and as business owners we need to be on top of it.

Communication – to effectively formulate and deliver your messages market in a systematised way, allowing for scalability.

Costing offers and marketing – understanding of the cost to generate leads, convert to a sale and deliver on the promise.

Creating a marketing and sales funnel – Workshops to better understanding the start to finish process of the sales cycle, and putting in place strategies to fine tune and streamline the process.

Measuring and testing everything – Measuring and testing is the key to improving. It informs us so we can do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.

Financial reports – tracking income, increasing sales and reducing expenses.

Sales and marketing targets – setting feasible but challenging targets to aspire to.

Client and community engagement – using time and resources effectively to leverage business development activities, relationships and partnerships.

Business and HR efficiency – considering what can you as the business owner sack yourself from, what are the tasks and job roles, what is the most cost effective ways to resource your team.

Once a fortnight businesses will attend a session where each of the following BOOM areas will be addressed.  An assessment will be made of where the business is and what will need to change to get them booming.   Digital capability, applying new discovery technologies and 21st Century STEM, will be the focus for engaging students and young people to transform businesses using the most efficient and effective hacks and tricks to get them booming quickly and easily.

In addition to the workshops, the business is assigned mentors to keep the motivation up, keep them on track and to support them to implement the changes from the information delivered in the workshops. This is a key component because just delivering the information without implementing it will not create change. Information with Implementation creates the Transformation we are all working towards.

Young people who are not participating in employment, education or training are more likely to experience social and economic disadvantage, poorer physical and mental health and be at risk of social exclusion – all factors that negatively impact wellbeing in both the short and longer term. Engaging young people has benefits to the community that extend beyond the effect on young people.  Many of the skills and capabilities related to the digital environment that a small business needs to succeed are skills and capabilities that are second nature to young people within our community.  Businesses that embrace and connect online have the capacity to make positive changes very quickly and achieve outstanding results.

To facilitate this change, businesses who participate in the Bootstrap to BOOM program are encouraged to hire 1 or more young persons to work in the business at least 1 day a week for the duration of the program (12 weeks).

As part of the program, young people attend the 3 hour sessions/fortnight with their employer.  This way the young person can explore and implement the changes to the business and they are working using the same tools and principles that the business owners have been trained in.  This is transformational as information that is not implemented is not of much value.  Having someone dedicated to the implementation and applying new discovery technologies creates real opportunity for change.

Beyond the program, businesses and participants will be made aware of all of the grants, initiatives and support that can allow the employment to continue.  This is highly likely when the business sees value in the contribution of the young person, they are enjoying the work and being rewarded for it.

Schools and educational institutions often struggle to find meaningful industry connections that they can leverage to give relevance to some of the theoretical content being taught.  The Bootstrap to BOOM program is one mechanism to overcome these challenges. The fortnightly sessions with expert facilitators will be explored on the school grounds. Connecting with students on school/institution grounds brings a range of business people and specialist mentors into schools 6 times over the duration of the program.

Working with students on school grounds does pose some challenges in terms of the DCSI requirements for regular attendance of an adult to schools.  In our mind this should not be a barrier, because the work required to ensure suitable people are coming onto school grounds is not a lot different than what should be undertaken to ensure a young person is safe when attend a workplace. Putting in the effort to make this happen reduces some of the offsite employment risks.

While schools benefit from the industry engagement, industry people engaging with schools provides unique insight into the pool of people that may soon be their future workforce.  Industry will also get to see what schools are teaching and if it is something that could improve or innovate their business.

Connecting in schools creates the opportunity for teachers to undertake professional development (PD) by participating in the workshops.  If a teacher would benefit from developing skills in any particular discipline covered in the workshop, they are welcome to attend.  Adjusting their teaching schedule may be a challenge but worth the effort for the highly relevant topics.

Businesses growing, coupled with employment outcomes, is at the heart of economic development. Two big barriers to economic growth are a lack of opportunity and a lack of resources to capitalise on those opportunities.

When it comes to small business, the resource that many lack is time and capability outside of the area of expertise.  For example a small business that provides a service like gardening probably has plenty of skills and capability to do gardening very well however areas where capability is wanting includes marketing, administration, adapting to utilise the latest technology, website editing or systematising and documenting processes. These skills are often critical to business growth therefore not having access to them is a barrier to economic growth as well. The same principles apply for many small and micro business, whether they be trades people, personal services, business and professional services or manufacturers. This is compounded by the fact that many businesses are run by owner operators that do not have the time to complete these tasks.  They are in the cliché position of working in the business, not on the business.

Pairing young people that have time and untapped latent skills with businesses that desperately need those skills (even though some of them may not know it yet) is a key factor driving business and economic growth.  As the business grows and becomes more profitable, casual and part time employment slowly becomes full time and eventually results in multiple jobs created in growing profitable businesses.

For a young person, finding that first job is often really difficult.  The chicken and egg situation of, all jobs needing experience and not getting experience until you have got the job, has been covered all too often.   For a business to employ they need to know they will get a return.  Often a business will consider this and seek experience in a job applicant to minimize the chance of getting someone without the skills to do the job.  The Bootstrap to BOOM program maximizes the chance of a return on the investment of employing someone by providing the training and support that taps into the latent talent of young people, more than compensating for a young person who does not have a track record of work.

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