Future Jobs presentation


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Future Jobs presentation

Hear from  workforce planning and development strategists, who work around the world consulting and developing strategies engaging with our changing workforce and 21st Century Capabilities ( also mapped to the Australian Curriculum).  Experience an exciting discussion on what some “future focused” primary and secondary schools, VET providers and universities are doing, to engage students in 21st century capabilities and linking them to industries and entrepreneurs. Much of this work has focus on a pragmatic approach to “future jobs”.

What can you be doing that connects with and complements this? How are you, engaging students in learning that is purposeful and reflective of the real world? Whether you are beginning a new phase of strategic and facilities planning, or looking to facilitate future focused career development, these type of questions can form the basis of discussions at a session with parents, principals, staff and students.

Please send an email to jessica@careerblueprint.com.au to check availability and book in your session today.


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