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Futures Week

The future of work is changing and while work experience is a highly valuable opportunity for young people it is giving them experiences of the jobs that exist today and not necessarily making them aware of the jobs that will be available tomorrow.

Work experience does teach social and employability skills which are highly transferable however one employment placement doesn’t expose people to a variety of opportunities.  If young people go into a business uninformed or without the skills to present themselves in the best possible light they may be missing out on future opportunities.

Futures Week is designed to inspire and make young people more self-aware, giving them tools to get jobs, introducing them to a range of employers and industries in a very short space of time.

Numbers: 100-150 people

Day 1 – Be a job maker day (half day)

Over the day the participants will be inspired to take action, gain experiences allowing them to try before they buy to make informed choices about becoming an entrepreneur. They will also gain connections and support locally there is significant support for entrepreneurs, however it only adds value when young people know where to find it and how to access it.

Day 2 – How to get your first job

It’s often said the first job is the most difficult one to get, during this one day workshop participants will be taken through a series of practical and theoretical exercises. That will make them more self-aware and give careful consideration to how others might perceive them when looking at their resume, their personal presentation and what can be found online. During the workshop there will be time to modify resumes, work on social media and practice communication skills.

Day 3 – Real Day Out

As part of the 21st Century Capabilities and Careers program, the Real Day Out provides a way to take on jobs of the future, gain introductions to employers, and develop an understanding of where industry sectors and careers are moving to.

With a future jobs theme, the Real Day Out provides a fantastic experience for those students and young people, educational institutions, employers and entrepreneurs involved, including state and local governments.

Students will check into stops with insight on current and future job roles including what employers expect, how entrepreneurs work, identifying export opportunities and discussing real world problems/questions related to current and future job challenges.

Working in groups, students will solve Augmented Reality and video based clues whilst undertaking challenges (like getting #RealDayOut trending) stopping at educational institutions, entrepreneurial and employer locations.  Specific activities and challenges can be co-designed to match goals for your region.

Day 4 – A BluePrint for the Career you Deserve

A blueprint for the career you deserve is a program which is specifically designed to engage students and get them to undertake systemised innovative approach to career planning. Throughout the day students will create a vision, activate their networks, work through the education and experience needed to get to their destination and be equip with the skills to overcome road blocks along the way.

Day 5 – A day in the life of … Career Carousel

Researching careers, meeting industry people and looking for work using traditional means is a highly inefficient process. A career carousel brings employers, job seekers and students together. Allowing students to talk to many employers and industry leaders in a short space of time. Participants will have the opportunity to put what they learnt during the week into practice.


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