Product Description

Industry Connect Program for Schools

Aim: Industry Connect Program that will allow students to identify potential problems, processes, products from industry, government and entrepreneurs that they can choose to improve/invent/redesign as part of a design cycle over 6 weeks.

How is industry involved?

Week 1 – 1 x 30 minute session

Quick intro – who you are, where you are from, outline of your industry, pathways into you industry and jobs of the future.

What challenges/problems are you working on or wanting to solve? (Aimed at giving the students ideas on what they might be able to work on applying design thinking resulting in a product, process, invention, solution or redesigning something).

Week 2 is also an option for you to visit the school if you aren’t free any time in week 1.

Weeks 3-6 provide the option of visiting you and/or communicating via email/phone to co-design the activity and work on the problem.

You will be invited to a showcase where students will present the outcomes and outputs they have been working on later in the term.


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