Building your personal brand online and access resources – hands on workshop

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Building your personal brand online and access resources – hands on workshop

In business there are two things that are clearer than ever before.

Social media is not going away any time soon, it is growing into a powerful tool that most businesses really can’t ignore anymore and there never seems to be enough time to get everything done in a day.

When it comes to social media either starting out or getting on the right foot with a systematised approach will make the process much smoother and the impact far greater.

And to create the time to get on to social media some of us need to need to access to resources that are on demand, ready to go and cost effective.  Most importantly you need to know how to minimise out risk when accessing this outsourced workforce.

We have a very practical workshop coming up that is a ‘must’ for you if you want to:

  • Build your brand using social media and claim back some of your time
  • Improve productivity with free or very low cost apps and software that will increase your impact and speed up the process of engaging on social media

Bring your laptop, smart phone or tablet to the workshop where you will setup and start using all of the systems you learn about in the workshop.

The entire time you will be in the company of peers as well as Workforce BluePrint and Career BluePrint facilitators who will support you through the process.

This workshop is in 2 parts and it includes:

Part 1 – Social Media

  • Access and use the features on your smart phone to boost your reach and save you time
  • Systems, steps and considerations when building your brand online
  • Set up cloud based management apps that improve communication
  • Reduce the time and effort while maximising impact
  • Provide opportunities to track and test results
  • Gather and create content easily – make google your best friend

Part 2 – Accessing Resources and Outsourcing

  • Accessing an online workforce that is ready to work when you are ready for work to be done
  • Minimising the risks associated with using this type of workforce
  • Hints and tips for posting or advertising jobs


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