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The eSports workforce: a game with a $500m industry

eSports, it’s a multiplayer gaming experience that’s played competitively for spectators, by professional gamers. Whilst some might think that video games are just child’s play, the eSports workforce proves otherwise – that it’s a real career opportunity and future jobs.

In 2016, eSports generated almost $500 million in global revenue and many companies are getting involved in this new arena.

This means there are more jobs becoming available, both for new and experienced gamers, entrepreneurs and those with an interest in new discovery technologies.

‘The future of sports’

eSports investor, Robert Kraft, believes eSports is the way of the future due to the volume that millennials now consume sports on their mobile devices. Youth prefer interactive games over passively observing a physical game.

Consuming online, sport lovers can receive near-instantaneous video highlights, minute-by-minute scores, and statistical updates. eSports platforms are more “globalised” than football, already growing in 196 countries.

eSports job opportunities

Professional video game players made a recent list of the nine best jobs for the future that pay well. The good news is, there are so many opportunities in this new industry, and not just for game-lovers.

Some of the jobs that are available within the industry include coach, journalist and content creator, PR & marketing executive, product manager, sales manager, administration, organisation owner, and social media manager. Agents, event managers, lawyers, finance experts, developers, and publishers are also in demand.

A professional player, for example, is signed to a certain team and competes in tournaments for prize money. The world’s top professionals can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars per year or more. Creative roles, like content creators, those who write news, edit videos, conduct interviews and pitch for sponsorships are key. They search for stories, uncover scoops, and write articles, just like a traditional journalist but in a new context.

Many websites and content developers, are looking for writers who live and breathe competitive gaming. Everything from team movements, player histories and important matchups need to get covered.

Sales people are needed to sell advertising space to clients but it is in a different form, now.

There are many different roles within eSports and more, non-endemic companies are opening eSports divisions or adding roles that work within the space.

Platforms that connect eSports professionals with companies are opening up, like HyperXEMEA, Ozone, Blizzard Entertainment, Cooler Master, and Wargaming America. Many other platforms exist such as TEO Careers, RekT Jobs, eSports Force and  WASD Jobs.

eSports is a fast-growing industry that’s worth exploring if you’re looking for jobs in law, business, analytics, and sports management. Professional gaming isn’t just about sitting in front of your computer, as you can see with all the potential career opportunities.

In eSports, the sky’s the limit – it’s all about making your skills and talents fit the new sports landscape.

If you’d like to learn more about the eSports workforce, current opportunities or finding the right workforce for your gaming company, please contact Jessica Perry at jessica@careerblueprint.com.au.’


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