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World-first Real Day Out – future jobs and 21st Century capabilities

Students from the Australian Science and Maths School (ASMS) experiencing the world’s first Real Day Out in Adelaide on 19 October 2016 said,

So upset the day is now over  A big thanks to everyone who spoke to us and organised the event!!

Which might lead you to ask, what is the Real Day Out all about?

A Real Day Out (RDO) is an immersive experience for students and teachers to learn about future careers and job roles whilst developing 21st Century capabilities.

As part of the 21st Century Capabilities and Careers program, the Real Day Out provides a way to try out jobs of the future, gain introductions to employers, entrepreneurs and educational institutions whilst gaining an understanding of where industry sectors and careers are moving to.

See press release: Australian Science and Maths School and Workforce BluePrint to pilot the 21st Century Capabilities and Careers Program for further information.

Students go to interesting workplaces with insight on current and future job roles including what employers expect, how entrepreneurs work identifying where STEM is in job roles.

The RDO’s (and routes) are themed to match the career trucks, aligned to 21st Century capabilities and future jobs like 21st Century STEM, with new technologies enhancing the learning experience.

For the first Real Day Out the focus was smart cities and the Internet of Things with students in themed groups matched to the goals of smart, green, liveable and creative.  Students created smart city tours and answered inquiry based questions like How can Adelaide create jobs of the future and what skills will be required?  Where is the STEM in the job?


Susan Hyde, Principal of ASMS and Jessica Perry from Career BluePrint were interviewed on Radio Adelaide the day before talking about preparing students for jobs of the future.

Taking on future job roles of Professional Triber, Social Media and Messaging Specialist, Cloud Architect and Augmented Reality Designer all students became Smart City Designers, Business Transformation Practitioners and Social Media Stars!


Each group of 4-5 students identified a team name and had a specific schedule to follow with stops at the following organisations:






Launched in the Hub at The University of Adelaide, students and teachers received a video message from the Minister for Education and Training, Senator the Hon. Simon Birmingham.


Meeting Minister Susan Close and Nat Cook MP on the steps of Parliament House students took the opportunity to interview them about future jobs and Chris Picton MP made a video encouraging students to enjoy the day.


Photos from ODASA and the Adelaide Smart City Studio demonstrated that students really liked engaging speakers who gave lots of time for interaction and practical, hands-on activities with real world application.

At the final stop, students met the Lord Mayor of Adelaide Martin Haese who said,

“Thank you and with the first Real Day Out equally it is a terrific time in Adelaide… there is a great deal of opportunity… with a range of initiatives to create a better future for the City of Adelaide.  The strategic plan becomes a blueprint being a smart city, green city, liveable city and creative city – they are all interconnected.  Technology is the enabler of so many things including how governments can deliver services, how we can save energy with lighting applications that are light/movement sensitive…”

This first RDO highlighted all of the emerging jobs connected to being a smart city and feedback from students indicates that it helped them hone their knowledge on what jobs are possible, how a combination of skills and technical expertise is needed, and how you need to show your skills now to create a standout position.

j04c7937The #RealDayOut was captured on social media via this storify with prizes for the team and the individual who posted the most high quality content and comments.  Students and staff are involved with our team in planning Real Day Outs for 2017 in Adelaide and other locations with themes across the different career trucks.

Thank you to the ASMS teachers who trialed a half day Real Day Out helping to co-design the student RDO and you can see the videos the staff made here.

If you would like to find out more about the Real Day Out and/or the 21st Century Capabilities and Careers Program please email jessica@careerblueprint.com.au.  Thank you.

October 2016


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