Bright Tank 18 – get involved

Engaging Brighton High School students in an alternative to Australian Business Week, Bright Tank is focussed on solving real world problems for local businesses, startups and organisations, with a strong learner voice on solutions.

Over the week, students help local businesses to leap forward in terms of addressing their problems, developing new or improving products/services, building digital and marketing capability, with a pitch competition at the end of the week judged by industry representatives.  This may also include addressing issues such as supporting local business growth engaging young people, understanding employment opportunities, pathways to future jobs, entrepreneurial approaches including lean startup methodology, intrapreneurship and social issues (for example waste, mental health, Global Sustainable Development Goals etc.).

The format is similar to Startup Weekend with more structure beginning with short pitches on the problems, products/services or aspects of the business to be worked on. Teams focus on relevant areas of business and customer development, validating their ideas, practicing lean startup and growth hacking methodologies, rapidly changing and improving the problems/programs/products/services.

On the final day teams demo all of the changes they have made including prototypes or new products/services and solutions that have been created and are judged by a panel of industry experts including entrepreneurs and business people.

These organisations pitched business problems on day 1:

  • Robyn Verrall, Bully’s Beef
  • Allison Nikula, Care App
  • Danielle Seymour, Global Shapers Hub & Uniteadl
  • Sarah Davies, Foodbank South Australia
  • Ben Flink, RAA
  • Rosemary Killip, Business Industry Leader, NZ & Australia
  • Scott Perry, ROK Solid and JAWS Innovations
  • Jim Whalley, South Australian Chief Entrepreneur
  • Mike Ewer, TAFE SA and Ignite VR
  • Brigitte Collins, Worldskills Australia and Worldskills International plus Entrepreneurial Education in South Australia

You can get involved by:

  • Calling in to Brighton High School on 4.12.18 and/or 6.12.18 at 1.15 pm as a specialist mentor to provide advice and suggestions
  • If you think you can provide some feedback and validation, not exactly Shark Tank style but kind of, then please join in this event and invite your colleagues, friends and the morning tea for budding entrepreneurs at TAFESA Tonsley on 5.12.18 from 9.30 am – 11.00 am register here:
  • Come along and hear the final pitches, see what these budding entrepreneurs have been able to achieve, and whether your top pitches line up with the judges views on 7.12.18 from 1.15 – 3.15 pm at Brighton High School:
  • Provide a money can’t buy experience prize such as a coffee chat or lunch with a business, entrepreneurial, government or industry leader

An entrepreneurial mindset is needed for all jobs so please get behind this work experience like not other and encourage students to solve real world problems and pitch their solution shark tank style.  If you’d like to know more please email or call +61 416 150 491, thanks.