What jobs are involved in e-sports?

Have you ever considered turning that hobby of gaming into a professional career?

You can now, and it doesn’t only mean being a gamer.

There are many more opportunities in picking up a professional career in the field of e-sports.  To mention a few, there are jobs in management, mentoring, event planning, sales, and marketing.  Much like any sector, it has various options when it comes to careers, jobs and employment.

The online gaming community is an ever-growing community of people who love playing games, making a career out of it, and creating even more options for the world to join in.

The e-sports community opens up employment opportunities to pretty much anyone who loves the world of gaming.  To list some of the job roles, they are:

  1. Game arts and graphic designers

If you love artwork and sketching, this is your field.  If you’re trying to make a game look more realistic or just trying to add detail and designs to it, a game art designer allows you to explore your creativity and imagination to develop and create characters, textures, and scenery.  If you’re an artist or creative, this is definitely your pick.

  1. E-sport journalist

Much like regular journalism, e-sport journalism also requires the same elements to gather content for all the fans and followers.  They are asked to write stories, opinion pieces, and analysis articles, as well as interviewing pro gamers and other people in the industry.

  1. Game commentator/host

Have you ever watched a live gaming tournament and there’s a voice overlapping the game listing down every possible outcome or just ranting about what’s going on in the game?  That’s a commentator that you’re hearing.  They are also known as “shout caster”, and are required to inform and entertain the viewers of what’s going on in the game at any moment.  Shout casters must possess good knowledge of the game as while commenting, there are elements of personality and bringing life to the game.

A host is the main presenter of the event, game or tournament.  They enter the stage before the event commences, introducing teams and interviewing teams and players but best of all, hyping up the audience.

  1. Social media executive

A social media executive publishes entertaining content and information to keep the fan base rolling.  While working as a social media executive, you must be ambitious and creative and most of all, you must overflow enthusiasm so that viewers are inspired by events in the e-sports industry.  This can include posting memes, making gag videos and vlogs as well as running a YouTube channel, or TV show.

  1. Community manager

The description of this job lies embedded in its name.  What this role takes is to look after the huge fan base that follows the gaming communities and celebrities.

A community manager may look after the social media fan pages and other platforms that require engaging and responding to the community.  They also work closely with the marketing team and can come up with new brands and products addressing the preferences of the community.

An example of what they do is taking suggestions and queries from the community through social media pages, planning out events and advertising new products such as toys, t-shirts, merchandise and gaming accessories, that the followers would love to have on their gaming desk and homes.

  1. Team manager

A team manager looks after the operation of the team which includes hiring staff, deciding on which tournaments or events to participate in, creating brands, and paying wages to the staff and the team members as well.

A team manager should be ambitious and entrepreneurial, tracking team progress and always being a step ahead so that they can catch up or even leave behind other competitive teams. Someone with a good business sense and great skills in communication can and will be able to manage the team they passionately work to support.

  1. Pro gamer

The pinnacle of success in the gaming industry is to become a professional gamer.

Climbing this ladder takes a huge amount of training and practice, to be patient and open-minded, well-played, and to take the team’s credibility into account.  Pro gamers will be lining up with others to create a strong and competitive team with all players possessing different traits that could benefit the team to execute.

Being a pro gamer is tough, you have to practice almost every single day so that you can perform and overcome other players on the platforms.

Pro gamers usually start from small, grass-root tournaments and slowly make their way up to the big leagues.

The first step to having a gaming career is having a gaming console, and you’re already on your way.  Practice constantly, be open to new possibilities in the gaming field and never be afraid to lose, as you can always start a new game.

Good game – well played.