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Career BluePrint helps young people to understand and develop 21st Century capabilities and create a clear vision for their penultimate career.

This is informed by intelligence on employer and industry requirements, workforce forecasting and planning, trends in entrepreneurship, employment and new technologies.

With a systematised approach, Career BluePrint helps young people to formulate a road map so they not only know where they want to go but also how to get there.

Identifying the education needed to get you there, both formal and informal, along side the experience you’ll needed and working through ways that roadblocks can be removed to help you achieve your goals.

With programs for high school, Vocational Education and Training (VET) and University students, Career BluePrint works with employers, institutions, parents and young people on current and future jobs in Australia and internationality.

For employers and industry sectors, you may be interested in attracting the next generation as your future employees, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Career BluePrint can assist you to understand what the new workforce wants in an employer, job and/or entrepreneurial opportunity.

You are invited to subscribe to the blog and enews, check out the ‘A day in the life of’ videos, and contact Lead Facilitator, Jessica Perry, via or call +61 433 574 253 for further information.

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A BluePrint for the CAREER you deserve

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up every morning and know today is a great day?  Why is it a great day?

Because today you get to go to work and get one step closer towards reaching your goals, you don’t have a job that you’ve got to go to.

Wouldn’t you rather get go at the things you like doing, rather than do something just because you’re good at it?

Career BluePrints aim is to create a BluePrint for the Career you Deserve and achieve these things.

After your passion has been ignited now its time to step out and make the career changes happen, ensure you achieve your goals with the 6-week coaching program.

Make your vision a reality and achieve your goals efficiently with one of our team by your side every step of the way.

The program includes easy communication, video content sent to you regularly and an online live meeting twice a week to answer any questions and help you stay on track.