Bright Tank 19 – call for ‘Growth Hack’ challenges

In the week of 2 December 2019, year 10 students from Brighton High School students will be engaged in an entrepreneurial education experience called Bright Tank 2019 which is focused on solving real world problems for local businesses, startups and organisations, with a strong learner voice on solutions.

Over the week, students help businesses to leap forward in terms of addressing their problems, developing new or improving products/services, building digital and marketing capability, with a pitch competition at the end of the week judged by industry representatives.

This may also include addressing issues such as supporting local business growth engaging young people, understanding employment opportunities, pathways to future jobs, entrepreneurial approaches including lean startup methodology, intrapreneurship and outcomes towards UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Challenges can be about any topic but best to keep it to a sentence or question with your name and organisation which can be pitched face to face on Monday 2nd December 2019 morning or via video. Students will pitch back the solutions on Friday afternoon from around 1.00 pm.

How can you get involved?

Around 30-40 challenges are sought to be posed to school students at 2 day and week-long growth hacks, in December 2019 where they will work on your business idea, startup or scaleup. You can Express Your Interest via this link.

Pitch your challenge, problem and/or mini projects for year 10 students to work on for a whole week. And in this time students will achieve for your business and/or organisation what you would usually think would take months or even years!

Businesses register to pitch a challenge via this link and to attend the final Bright Tank 19 pitches by the students here.

Note – pitching face to face is preferred but if you can’t make it on the day then please record a 60-90 second video and email to and we’ll play it for you, thanks.