Effectively Engage Employers, Entrepreneurs and Industry in Education webinar or face to face (1 hour)



Are you keen to build upon your relationships with employers, entrepreneurs and industry?

And sometimes there can be conflicting objectives, expectations and assumptions about the best ways to work together, especially to support students, balanced with business and timetable pressures.

Whether it is you and/or your team members, reaching out to local business and industry networks can be challenging – where to start, who and how to make contact, and what might engage students and employers on possible projects and partnerships.

There are all sorts of opportunities out there but being able to uncover them, working comfortably and collaboratively with confidence can take time.

When working with entrepreneurs and employers there can be a range of challenges including:

  • Uncertainty as to how to approach industry, make initial contact and build relationships;
  • Increased demand for structured work placements and real world learning experiences;
  • Maybe they don’t see it as of value to get involved; or
  • Perhaps they are busy with other tasks related to their business.

Specific professional development aims addressed by this webinar are:

  • Building capability to work effectively with business, industry and employers;
  • Developing ability to identify opportunities, priorities and potential solutions that involve students and/or educators;
  • Understanding the importance of promoting business and productivity benefits from engaging with students including School Based Apprenticeships and work based learning projects;
  • Developing skills in effective networking, targeting and stakeholder engagement; and
  • Identifying potential projects – creating action items with a plan to engage with industry.

This webinar can be expanded to a 1 day workshop and/or coaching and mentoring over a number of sessions to help you get your approach right.