From conference presentation to programs and seminars, social media management and workshops, Career BluePrint provides the following products and services:



  • Coaching and mentoring towards a career you deserve
  • Create a blueprint for your career using our Ultimate Career BluePrint Generator



  • A day in the life of an entrepreneur
  • Attracting young people as a target market by using social media
  • Create an Appealing Vision for the Career you deserve
  • Design the Roadmap to your Future Career
  • Finding ways to Get Educated and Gain Experience for your Career Pathway
  • Eliminate Barriers on your Road to Success
  • Engaging Young Clients and Workers via Social Media
  • Get a Head Start to your Career
  • Interview for the Career you deserve
  • School Based Apprenticeships – who benefits more?  The apprentice or employer?
  • Using Social Media for Job Seekers


Social Media Topics

  • Social Media for Business – What’s The Point?
  • Become the Social Media Power Influencer for your Business
  • Crank up your Facebook business page and check in with Foursquare
  • Speak the Twitter language
  • Position yourself as an influencer via LinkedIn and Slideshare
  • Expand your circle of influence with Google+
  • Source and automate posts with Google alerts and Hootsuite
  • “But first, let me take a selfie” with Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube
  • Social Media Sesh -pop up


Social Media Management Packages

  • Social Media Set Up and Post Package
  • Follower Online Brand Management and Social Media Package
  • Networker Online Brand Management and Social Media Package
  • Influencer Online Brand Management and Social Media Package



  • A BluePrint for the Career you deserve



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